Creative writing exploration for students
Creative Writing Exploration

After-School Enrichment Program

This 8-week program is designed for students in grades 6-12 who are interested in exploring writing, music, and storytelling. With the help of weekly guest speakers from the community, we'll talk in depth about fiction writing, playwriting, songwriting, journalism (broadcast, print and photo), screenwriting, and the art of oral storytelling. We’ll even go on a few field trips!


The goal of this program is to have students learn about writing, in all its forms, from Rochester's own creative community. (We've got the talent, so why not use it?!) Students will be able to ask questions and learn valuable tricks and tips to be successful, which might even lead them on a path toward a new hobby or career option. 


Unfortunately, when and where to hold this program is TBD at the moment (like most events these days), but if my passion and persistence prevails, we'll be rockin' this program the moment it's safe to meet in-person. 

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