Young Writers Workshop

November 2, 2019

If you attended the workshop, you already know the day was amazing! The local authors saw and heard some pretty great stuff from some pretty cool kids. The students were in their element, creating stories or pieces of them to finish at home. They were surrounded by people just like them, people who thought of faraway lands, had characters for best friends, and who kept their noses in books every chance they got. For this one day, we came together not as students and adults, but as writers, celebrating creativity and a love for literature.

Here's some of the feedback we received from the young writers:

"I loved it!"

"I really liked the atmosphere."

"I liked 'YOU and a Local Author' best because we had the same interests and like to write the same things."

"The classes and teachers were engaging."

"This was cool!"

"There were so many writers like me!"

"I liked the one on one with an author."

"I liked learning how to publish a book."

"It was fun and I'll definitely write better now."

"The one on one session was best. I now have a better story."