J. Lynn Else

J. Lynn Else

Descendants of Avalon

The Lost Daughters of Avalon 

The Forgotten: Heir of the Heretic

​The Forgotten: Aten's Last Queen

J. Lynn Else loves reading and writing about awesome women from antiquity. Besides history, she also gets nerdy with Star Wars, Star Trek, and MST3K. Descendants of Avalon, a YA Fantasy novel, was released through Inklings Publishing in May 2018 with book 2, The Lost Daughters of Avalon released in 2019. She’s also self-published two historical fiction novels set in ancient Egypt and a science fiction novella. J. Lynn enjoys sketching, reliving her 1990s by watching the latest X-Files episodes, honing her Fruit Ninja skills, and randomly busting out into song and dance. She believes in unicorns and practicing random acts of awesome. 



Learn more at her website: www.teasippinnerdymom.com