A Little Dabble Will Do

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

by Jennifer L. Davidson


Have you heard your child tell a wild and crazy story while sitting at the dinner table, driving to soccer practice, or standing in line at the movie theater? Have you seen odd characters sketched in the margin of notebooks, on junk mail left on the counter too long, or on the inside cover of a library book? Ever consider suggesting that they put those creative thoughts down on paper?

Dabbling in writing and illustrating is the start of something beautiful and taking it to that next level might just lead to something amazing and perhaps even profitable. Ever wonder what might have happened if you had been pushed to take a few more pictures with that old camera your grandpa gave you, or applied what you learned about sewing to alter your mom's old prom dress, making your twelve-year-old self's best Halloween costume ever?

Don't let your child's dabbling go to waste. Use it. Build on it. Support their ideas. Tell them to never give up. Hey, maybe even go so far as to model that creative energy. Sit down and write a story together, or draw silly pictures and take turns being the storyteller. Remember, a little can go a long way with anything you do.

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