COVID-19: Which story will you choose to write?

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

By Jennifer L. Davidson


It's inevitable. If a writer hasn't already started their next story about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), then they've at least considered it. They've thought about their approach, who the protagonist might be, which obstacle he/she must overcome during humanity's plight to stay alive. This virus has every element for creating a great story: characters (all humans), a setting (anywhere and everywhere), a problem (It is the problem!), and a goal (Kick it's butt!). So, be on the lookout for these new thrillers online and at bookstores near you in the very near future. know what would be really cool?

If some of those COVID-19 doom and gloom writers instead choose to write a story about the coming together of humanity in the aftermath of the virus. The approach could be that the virus is a wakeup call for people to treat others and our planet with more empathy and compassion. The protagonist might be a woman who loses a loved one but gains a new perspective about living each day to its fullest. The point of view could even be Mother Earth herself, breathing a sigh of relief while watching people change their mindsets and show her a little gratitude.

Which story will you choose to write?

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