Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #105-108

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

By Jennifer L. Davidson


Tricks, treats, and tattoos. Two of the three have a lot in common, the other is great for creating a surprising tale of mystique or misfortune. What's Halloween without a little scary fun, right?!

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#105 - "Trick," the woman said before Joslin could yell trick-or-treat. Didn't this lady know that trick-or-treat was just a saying? Kids weren't expected to perform tricks to get candy. Joslin wasn't prepared. But by the look on the woman's face, she was serious. Joslin needed to think of something quick. There were full-size candy bars in the woman's bowl. What trick does Joslin perform? What if the woman is a witch and puts a spell on Joslin so she can't ever stop doing the trick? What does Joslin do next, and how does she get back to normal?

#106 - Pretzels, pencils, and pennies. Seriously? Asher's neighbors really thought kids wanted that stuff on Halloween? No thanks! He'd have to venture to Mr. Brown's house if he wanted a can of pop AND a full-size candy bar. But Mr. Brown always wore the scariest costumes that gave Asher nightmares for weeks. What did Mr. Brown dress up as this year? Is Asher frightened? What if Mr. Brown doesn’t answer the door and Asher goes inside anyway? What does Asher find? Does Mr. Brown jump out at him or is there a mystery to solve?

#107 - A bearded dragon tattoo covered the man's massive bicep. The reptile appeared to rock back and forth on the man's arm when he flexed his muscles, which was all the time. I found the tattoo mesmerizing. I couldn't pull my eyes away. So, when he asked where the treasure was hidden, I couldn't stop myself from telling him it was in the trunk of my dad's '73 Camaro parked in the barn behind our house. Who is the tattooed man? What treasure is in the trunk of the old car? Why does the man want it? What happened to Dad?

#108 - Describe or draw a haunted house. Who will answer the door on Halloween night? Who or what is perched in the upstairs window? What sounds do trick-or-treaters hear as they walk up the front steps? What kind of candy is passed out? Who or what is lurking in the yard?

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