Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #117-120

By Jennifer L. Davidson


Here are a few festive prompts based on the classic tune, The Twelve Days of Christmas. May you find humor in a lord leaping over a pear tree with a flock of geese and a calling bird!

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#117 - A partridge in a pear tree - Polly the partridge was miserable as she sat atop her pear tree. She felt alone, scared, but worst of all, she wanted nothing more than to sink her beak into a juicy, delicious peach! She could see her friend, Paul, nestled in the closest peach tree, but he was too far away to hear her squawks about a trade. Since Polly can't leave her tree, what are some ways that she attempts to get Paul's attention? Is Paul able to help Polly? If not, do they ask for help from another friend, or does an enemy overhear their plan and interfere?

#118 - Four calling birds - Bill, Sue, Jack, and Diane took their job very seriously. Not a minute went by during the twelve days of Christmas when they weren't calling a child about the discrepancies on their Christmas wish lists. But every call seemed to end in another complaint. For example, Janie was okay substituting a Forever Dream Barbie with an Eternal Dream Barbie if the dress was bubblegum pink. Good grief! The kids on the birds' calling lists were becoming so demanding that one day all the calling birds decided to quit! They packed their bags and headed somewhere tropical. When Santa calls to ask for their return, what do the calling birds demand? Do they agree to finish their job before Christmas? If not, what happens at the North Pole because of the confusion from the children’s wish lists?

#119 - Six geese a-laying - Every goose in Merry Meadow laid beautiful gold-colored eggs. Until one day Deloris laid a purple and gold egg that sent the flock into an uproar. The two elder geese accused her of nibbling the sacred purple cabbages, which Deloris hotly denied. The only thing Deloris had done differently that morning was... What did Deloris do that might have caused her egg to change color? What color is the next egg she lays? What will fix her problem so that she will lay gold-colored eggs like the rest of her flock?

#120 - Ten lords a-leaping - Forever leaping, forever exhausted with weary legs and blistered toes. The ten lords a-leaping needed a break from constantly moving, but it wasn't Christmas yet! Until the clock struck midnight on December 25th, there was no rest for the weary fellas. Unless Timmy, the smartest of the bunch, came up with a plan to cheat the system. What is Timmy's plan? Do the leapers get caught, and, if so, by whom? Is there a punishment? What impact does it have on Christmas?

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