Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #121-124

By Jennifer L. Davidson


Let your imagination wander with these new prompts! Answer the "what-if" questions, put yourself in a character's shoes, and fill in the blanks of a New Year's resolution about to be broken. Get together and get creative!

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#121 - Connor was a little freaked out when he opened his birthday present from his Grandpa Steve. Inside the white greeting-card-size envelope was a lock of hair and a slightly crumpled piece of notebook paper that read, “Neil Armstrong never gave up. Neither should you.” Connor had no idea what that meant. But when he touched the lock of hair and felt a tingle crawl up his arm, he immediately knew that the rumors about his grandpa were true. What were the rumors about his grandpa? What happens when Connor holds the lock of hair in his hand? What adventure does Connor go on to learn what Grandpa Steve’s note means?

#122 - Harry had a feeling today was going to be his lucky day. He was wearing his lucky underwear and socks, and he woke up before his mom came in with her obnoxious wake-up routine of singing hits from the 90’s in her fake accent of choice. So, when he found a wallet filled with cash and a new lottery ticket while walking to school, he couldn’t help but smile. What does Harry do with the found wallet? Does his choice bring him luck?

#123 - Cleo had to blink twice when she watched the odd-looking goose in her front yard lay a plaid-colored egg. The goose had been a Christmas gift from her eclectic Uncle Jack who spent most of his time traveling the world selling his inventions. When Cleo goes outside to investigate the egg, she is shocked to see more eggs in various colors and patterns. What is the first thing that Cleo does? If she opens an egg, what does she find inside?

#124 - It was the second week of January and Liz was already thinking about giving up on her resolution to stop eating ________________. She loved the taste of it more than anything, even more than her grandma’s chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven. But if she gave up now, she’d lose the bet with her brother and have to _________________. Fill in the blanks and continue the story!

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