Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #125-128

By Jennifer L. Davidson


What do a hypnotist, ventriloquist, magician, and illusionist have in common? They're all characters in these prompts!

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#125 - Henry couldn’t wait for the hypnotist show to start. He wanted to go on stage and get hypnotized to bark like a dog, fall asleep at the sound of a clap, or maybe even yodel upon hearing his mom’s voice. It would be amazing! If Henry is chosen, what does he get hypnotized to do? What if the hypnotist can’t undo the trick?

#126 - Mackenzie found a ventriloquist puppet at her next-door neighbor’s garage sale. It was the cutest little pink monster with curly purple hair and freckles. When she handed her neighbor $5 to pay for it, he gave her a funny look and said, “Whatever you do, don’t put her under your bed.” Does Mackenzie listen to her neighbor’s advice? If not, what happens? Does Mackenzie notice anything unusual about her new purchase?

#127 - As hard as Freddy tried, he was a miserable magician. The rabbit and bird never did what they were told, his cards always stuck together, and the girls he conned into letting him saw them half all quit right before the show was about to start. But his luck changed when he spied Walter in the audience. Who is Walter? How does he help Freddy? Does Freddy become a successful magician or is he tricked by a better, wiser magician?

#128 - It was still there! What had she done wrong? Was it the helicopter’s fault? Christine was furious! She was the top illusionist in the country and failing this stunt would mean the end of her career. What was Christine trying to make disappear? What or who causes her trick to fail? How does she redeem herself to her fans?

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