Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #129-132

By Jennifer L. Davidson


Random prompts about random things that popped into my head! Sometimes that’s how it goes. Because not all writing days will be cohesive, and you can’t harness creativity. You just have to go with it!

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#129 - Shawna tightened the bolts on her robotic arm, readying herself to join the others in their battle to defeat the Jartas, an alien clan from planet Huth. If they didn’t hold their ground to protect the Capital, the Jartas would find the secret supply of truanium and… What will happen if the Jartas find the supply of truanium? What can truanium do? How does Shawna’s group defend the Capital? Are they successful?

#130 - The wind ripped the cap off Xavier’s head as he stumbled up the rocky path to his secret hideout in the woods. Inside the hideout was a laboratory where he created a serum that he couldn’t wait to try out on the first squirrel that scurried past. What should Xavier’s serum do to the squirrel? Does it work, or does something unexpected happen? Is Xavier happy with the results, or does it cause a problem he’s not sure he can fix?

#131 - Love was in the air and Emma had been breathing in its magic ever since Abdul left. He was her one true love! Sure, she was only eleven, but this was how all the books described love. The goose pimples. The blush of her cheeks. The never-ending smile. Unfortunately, one hurdle stood in her way, and she didn’t know how to get past it. What stands in the way of Emma falling in love with Abdul? Does Abdul have feelings for Emma? How does Emma foresee her and Abdul’s future?

#132 - Bruce was a bully...but he didn’t want to be! He only pushed kids around and stole from their lockers because it’s what they expected him to do. He also couldn’t help it that he was 6’6” and 220 pounds in the sixth grade. If he could change everything about himself, he’d… If Bruce could change his appearance, what would he look like? How would he behave? How would kids treat him?

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