Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #133-136

By Jennifer L. Davidson


Around the world is the theme for these prompts. Because why not dream of looking for clues in the desert, researching climate change in Antarctica, surviving pirates off the coast of Africa, and escaping the creepy crawlies lurking in the Amazon!

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#133 - Malcolm looked across the vast desert toward the sunset, amazed at the beauty, but also extremely thirsty. He’d been in the heat all day searching for a clue as to where the lost city was buried. His great-great-grandfather found it once and drew a map, but a lot had changed over the years. What clue does Malcolm find that leads him to the lost city? Why does he want to find it? Who stands in his way of uncovering it?

#134 - Lucy was in the minority. She preferred cold climates over warm ones and dreamed of becoming a scientist in Antarctica. She’d been researching climate change since learning how to use the internet and wanted to make a difference in the world. She even had an idea of how to turn things around. What is Lucy’s idea? How does she make her dream of becoming a scientist in Antarctica come true? Does her idea help climate change, or do things get worse before they get better?

#135 - Sharing a hotel room with his family wasn’t Shane’s idea of a good time, so he kept his focus on tomorrow's adventure: cruising around Africa on his great-uncle’s ship! It was an adventure of a lifetime, especially since there was a good chance they’d meet a band of unruly pirates. What is it like on the ship as they cruise around the continent? Do they come across pirates on their voyage? If so, are they peaceful pirates, or does Shane have to think of a way to escape capture?

#136 - The jungle was dense and filled with spiders, snakes, ants, and a whole bunch of other insects Gabby had never seen before. But if she was going to win The Great Amazon Race and win a million dollars, she needed to ignore the creepy crawlies and keep moving. What obstacles does Gabby run into during her race through the Amazon? Who does she meet along the way, and do they help or hinder her? Does she win? If not, who wins and why?

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