Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #145-148

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

By Jennifer L. Davidson


Have you ever read a "choose your own ending" book? I used to love those as a kid! Well, those books gave me an idea for my latest batch of writing prompts.

I created a character, and you get to "choose your own plot!" Oh, and then choose another plot. And, hey, maybe another one after that. Wait, there's more, well, technically one more. How about after that you make up your own plot for Amelia and send me your story?

Meet your main character: Amelia

What makes her unique: Amelia likes puzzles. Any type of puzzle really. Ones made from cardboard that come in a box or the more personal kind. She compares her obsession with solving puzzles to other girls' obsession with finding the right lip gloss or being the highest scorer on a sports team. She inherited her dad's competitiveness and her mom's quest to be right.

What are her flaws: Solving cardboard puzzles at home with her dog, two cats, and evil-minded little brother, Evan, causes her temper to flare. She forgets her manners and stomps around and screams if a piece goes missing, and she'll never take the blame if it finds its way under the rug where she's been sitting. Also, trying to solve puzzles of the personal kind has its consequences. She's lost friendships while trying to find out if something someone said was true or not. Finding the truth can be a lonely job.

What are her quirks: Every day after school, Amelia writes a letter to her Grandma Harriet. They used to do puzzles and watch mystery shows together, always trying to solve the crimes before the ending. She and her grandma were inseparable...until she died a few weeks ago. Amelia misses her so much.

TIP: When answering the questions within each prompt (in italics), think about what would make for an interesting story. In other words, be creative, use your imagination, and, by all means, DON'T BE BORING!

#145 - Amelia was going through Grandma Harriet's puzzle collection and found one they hadn't solved yet. When she opened the box, instead of finding puzzle pieces, she saw an old photo album. On the cover was a picture of her dad when he was a kid and three other boys, two who looked like her uncles. She didn't recognize the fourth boy in the photo. When Amelia asks her dad about the photo album, how does he react? Who does he say is in the photo? What other questions does Amelia have? Does she try to find the person?

#146 - Amelia overheard her friend, Molly, tell another girl about a party she was having that night. When Amelia asked Molly about it, Molly told her that she must've heard her wrong; there was no party. But when Amelia hid behind the bushes at the side of Molly's house, a steady stream of girls were walking to her door. The really weird thing about it was, they were all dressed in pink and carried a single pink rose in their hand. Why were all those girls going to Molly's house? What kind of party or club was it? What does Amelia do to get answers to her questions? Why wasn't Amelia invited?

#147 - Amelia was ten pieces away from completing her latest puzzle. The problem was she only saw five pieces on the table. When she glanced over at her little brother, Evan, who she was babysitting while her parents were at a rock concert, he wore a devilish grin. Evan said, "I'll make you a deal." What does Evan want? Does Amelia agree to Evan's requests? Do they get in trouble? Do they have fun? How does the night end?

#148 - It wasn't every day that Amelia got a new puzzle, especially the one she had literally drooled over at the store, but it was her birthday. The only gift she had asked for was the 1500-piece ice cream cone puzzle displaying over 50 flavors. As she scanned the list of flavors, she discovered a popular one was missing. She wondered why the creator of the puzzle left out mint chocolate chip. Amelia needed answers. What does Amelia do to get answers? Does she meet with the creator? If she does, how do they explain the exclusion?

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