Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #149-152

By Jennifer L. Davidson


Fairy tale mix-up time! Placing characters we know and love into each other's stories is a fun way to create new adventures. Try one or all of the prompts below, and then create your own scenario using your favorite book or movie characters.

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#149 - When Prince Eric's ship capsized, Ariel swam to his rescue, her heart all a flutter because she would finally meet her one true love. But when Ariel was within twenty yards of Eric, her heart sank. Cinderella was in a boat coming from the other direction, fiercely paddling to save Eric's life too. Who gets to Prince Eric first? Do Cinderella and Ariel become friends or enemies? Who does Prince Eric choose as his true love? Does she accept?

#150 - Belle wandered into the woods with, of course, a book in front of her face. If she'd been looking where she was going, she would've noticed the glass coffin with a beautiful woman inside. When Belle screamed, seven dwarfs appeared from behind the trees. "Are you here to help?" the grumpy looking one asked. How does Belle try to help get Snow White out of the coffin? Does she go home to get her father's help? Do the dwarfs fall in love with Belle and forget about Snow White? What if Gaston shows up on his horse?

#151 - Little Red Riding Hood was walking through the forest to her grandma's house to share some important news. Oh, and her mom was forcing her to deliver cookies too. Red didn't have the heart to tell her mom that Grandma didn't like her cookies. She threw them out the window every time. When Red arrived at her grandma's cottage, she smelled something terrible, and then a few seconds later she saw something even worse through her grandma's bedroom window. An ogre was laying in her grandma's bed! Why is Shrek in Grandma's bed? Where's Grandma? What was the important news that Red wanted to share?

#152 - Snooping around the house of The Three Bears was the most exciting thing Goldilocks could think of to do. Both of her parents were at work, and her eight siblings were driving her crazy at home. Plus, she brought a screwdriver with her this time to open the large wooden box hiding under Mama and Papa's bed. After breaking the lock and prying open the box, she was pleasantly surprised to find a wooden puppet. What happens when Goldilocks takes Pinocchio out of the box? What happens when The Three Bears come home? Did The Three Bears know about the box under the bed, or did someone else put it there?

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