Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #153-156

By Jennifer L. Davidson


October means autumn, apple picking, Halloween, and PUMPKINS! These prompts are all about the ever versatile pumpkin.

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#153 - It was 90 degrees outside, and Peter was in the kitchen with sweat beading on his forehead while he baked twelve pumpkin pies for his school’s Autumn Carnival. Baking the pies was the easy part. It was injecting them with magic that got a little tricky. How does he add the magic? What does he hope will happen when someone eats his pie? What problems occur because of the magic?

#154 - Paula trembled as the mass of humans trampled through her family’s pumpkin patch. She didn’t dare open her eyes for fear of seeing her parents, siblings, or cousins get picked to be a human’s front porch decoration, jack-o-lantern, or worst of all, pumpkin pie. But she shouldn’t have worried too much. Her friend Dracula was flying overhead waiting for the perfect opportunity to give those greedy humans a fright. What does Dracula do to scare the humans away from the pumpkin patch? Do one or more of Paula’s family members get picked before Dracula appears? If so, what do Paula and Dracula do to rescue them?

#155 - Pepe the Pumpkin sat alone in Farmer Todd’s pumpkin patch. He was smaller than most pumpkins, his color was more green than orange, and his stem had come off when a feisty child kicked him during a temper tantrum. He thought he’d never leave the patch until… Who comes to the patch to pick Pepe? A human? A monster? An animal? What happens to him?

#156 - It was a dark and stormy night and Jack the Jack-o-Lantern was more terrified than he’d ever been. The thunder was too loud. The lightening was too bright. The night was too dark. But all his fears seemed to magically disappear when the human opened the door and lit the candle in his belly. He instead dreamed of all the things that made him happy. What makes Jack happy? Describe one of his dreams in detail using all five senses.

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