Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #157-160

By Jennifer L. Davidson


There’s lots to be thankful for, and it’s especially evident this time of year as we plan to spend time with family and friends during the upcoming holiday season. Let the storytelling begin!

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#157 – Jocelyn wasn’t a big fan of Thanksgiving, because at her house it meant turkey on the table, football on the TV, and her annoying cousin Arlene sharing her bed and hogging the covers. But this year turned out to be different. When Arlene arrived, she wasn’t as annoying. She liked the same things Jocelyn did. She even rolled her eyes at the adults. What caused Arlene to change? Does Jocelyn like Arlene now, or is there something else that keeps them apart? How does Jocelyn survive Thanksgiving?

#158 – It was the biggest soccer game of the season, and Henry’s dad was making him skip it to go hunting for this year’s Thanksgiving turkey. He grabbed his bow, arrows, a backpack full of snacks, and a jug of water. Oh yeah, he also threw in a handful of firecrackers. What does Henry plan to do with the firecrackers? Does he get a turkey? Does he make it to his soccer game after all?

#159 – A bigger TV. That’s what Dahlia wanted. And a faster computer. And probably another pair of $150 leggings. It also couldn’t hurt to ask for a new gaming system. Yes, Dahlia was certainly thankful, thankful for rich parents who gave her everything she wanted. Well, almost everything. The one thing she wanted most of all, she had yet to receive. What does Dahlia want most of all? Does she find another way to get it? Why is it important? How does it change her and her family?

#160 – Gus nodded at his cousin Jeremy, who nodded at their cousin Trey. They were ready to take action on their plan. Their Grandma Deloris had one empty chair at the table, and Thanksgiving would be weird without every seat filled. The three cousins knew exactly who would make her day complete. Who do the boys invite to Grandma Deloris' Thanksgiving dinner? Why is this person special? How does this person change the day for better or for worse?

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