Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #165-168

By Jennifer L. Davidson


After teaching a creative writing class where students created characters with superpowers, I came up with a few of my own story ideas. My favorite story starter involves mind control, because as a kid I would've loved to make my siblings fetch me food and do my chores! What would you have your siblings do?!

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#165 - Theron threw the magic cloak over his head and shoulders before entering the secret ceremony. Kids under twelve weren't allowed in but that had never stopped him before. And it wasn't about to stop him today, especially since the leaders were announcing the team captains for the Niols vs. Giters match. What time period is this story set? What kind of game do they play? What does Theron learn at the meeting, and who does he later tell? What does Theron want, and how does he get it?

#166 - Jasmine gently flicked her pointer finger against the stack of books on her nightstand, sending them hurtling against her bedroom wall before falling to the floor. She was still amazed at her new-found superpower. But her mom said she needed to keep it a secret, even from her best friend Camille. And she told Camille everything! Does Jasmine keep her super strength power a secret from Camille? If not, what does Camille talk Jasmine into doing? Do the two girls have innocent fun, or do they cause trouble? (Remember: It's always more interesting when your characters make terrible choices!)

#167 - Teagan wasn't supposed to use his superpower on his little brother Billy, but it was just too easy! What good was having mind control if he couldn't put it to good use? Plus, he was hungry. And thirsty. And he really didn't want to do his chores. What exactly does Teagan make Billy do? Does Billy have a superpower? If so, how does he use it? How do their parents react when they learn what the brothers are doing to each other?

#168 - Sneaking snacks while her family slept was Nikki's favorite trick. At nine years old, she hadn't yet discovered what else to do with her night vision superpower. But one night while she was creeping downstairs, her dog Bentley was standing on its hind legs talking to someone. In English! Who is Bentley talking to? What more does Nikki learn about her dog? How and why does Bentley become a part of Nikki’s family?

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