Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #169-172

By Jennifer L. Davidson


Tis the season to travel to visit loved ones for joyous holiday celebrations! Most of us travel by car or airplane, but what if there were other options, more exciting options, to get where we needed to go? These prompts are all about alternative modes of transportation.

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#169 - Joseph's dad was an inventor, and not always a good one, which was why Joseph and his sister Maya were nervous to put on his latest invention -- jet packs. But without another option to get to Aunt Nina's for the holidays, they put on their jet packs and ignited the engines. Does their dad's invention work? What happens on the way to Aunt Nina's? Do they need any emergency supplies from Joseph's backpack?

#170 - As the submarine submerged beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean near Brie's hometown of Miami, Florida, she grew even more excited to arrive in Bermuda where her family was vacationing. But when the alarms went off and they were thousands of feet under the sea, Brie panicked! Is something wrong with the submarine? Does it hit something? Is it being followed? Can it be fixed, or is it forced to go up to the surface? Does Brie get to Bermuda?

#171 - At ten years old, Muen was the youngest helicopter pilot in the country. He flew his family everywhere, and today they were travelling to Alaska to hop on a whale watching cruise ship. But while flying over the Gulf of Alaska, Muen saw a humpback whale and its calf tangled in a fishing net. Does Muen attempt to save the whales? If so, where does he land his helicopter? How does he reach the whales? Does his family make it onto the cruise ship?

#172 - "We'll fly like birds," Tasha's mom said. Tasha cocked her head to the side and raised an eyebrow. What was her mom talking about? But before Tasha could ask the question, her mom pulled out two pairs of large, bird-like wings from the hall closet. "These will get us to Nanna's house." Describe the wings in detail. How do they work? Does Tasha and her mom make it to Nanna's? If so, what do they see and experience along the way? Is this all just a dream?

*BONUS* - Think of another exciting way to travel! Choose one of the characters from above or create your own, and then take them somewhere they've never been before. Who do they meet? What do they see? What do they need to find before travelling back home?

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