Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #173-176

By Jennifer L. Davidson


Happy holidays! Here are a few prompts celebrating Christmas!

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#173 - Kenyatta didn't like being insulted. But that's exactly how she felt when the elves in room 2B complained that her Monopoly game pieces weren't shiny enough. She believed she was doing a good job, so much so she wanted to prove to everyone that she was the best toymaker at the North Pole. How does Kenyatta prove she is the best? Does doing this make her happy or miserable? Does someone give her advice, and, if so, does she listen?

#174 - It was Christmas Eve and Mrs. Claus and her cat Dalilah were curled up on the couch watching a holiday baking competition. Their snuggle time ended abruptly, however, when the door flew open and a puppy the size of a small horse bounded into the room! It was barking and drooling and zooming all around the house. Mrs. Claus tried calling Santa, but he wasn't answering. How does Mrs. Claus get the puppy to Santa, or does she have her own way of making Christmas deliveries? What tricks does Dalilah play on the puppy during the delivery?

#175 - Sara didn't have a Christmas present for her parents and felt rotten about it. She had planned to buy them something from the store, but since she was ten, couldn't get a job, and her piggy bank was empty, she was out of luck. So, Sara knew what she had to do. She went to her closet and pulled out the big container filled with all the crafts she'd only half completed over the years. What all does Sara find? Does she combine crafts to create an amazing gift for her parents? Does this inspire her to create gifts for other family members? For her neighbors? For her community?

#176 - Jameson saved his biggest gift under the tree for last. He ripped the paper off and opened the box only to find another wrapped box. Ha ha. His parents had a good sense of humor. After opening six more boxes, each one slightly smaller than the last, he finally saw the real gift, and it was definitely worth the wait. What was the real gift? Why was it worth the wait? What does Jameson do with it? How does he share it with others?

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