Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #177-181

By Jennifer L. Davidson


Our senses can take us back to a time or place of immense joy or overwhelming sadness. They help us hold on to memories, even the ones we wish we could forget. Dig deep as you create stories involving our five senses.

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#177 - The smell of Grandma Trudi's apple pie overwhelmed Aiden when he entered the new bakery, Grandma's Golden Rule, for the first time. He hadn't enjoyed a piece of her pie since before she died six months ago. He needed to ask the owner about the recipe. Maybe it was a friend of his grandma's. Who is the bakery's owner? How did they get Grandma Trudi's recipe? What memories does Aiden share with the owner about Grandma Trudi?

#178 - Black goo oozed from a six-inch crack in the wall of the cave behind Trina's apartment complex. She rubbed the sticky substance between her fingers. It felt like the super thick peanut butter her cousin David liked to eat. David put peanut butter on everything, even eggs! What other memories about David and his love of peanut butter does Trina remember? Why is the wall oozing black goo? Who does Trina tell? Do more cracks appear? Does the cave overflow with black goo?

#179 - While I was in the school bathroom, I heard a voice from behind the wall. A girl whispered, "Help me." I screamed and ran into the hallway, still fumbling with the zipper on my jeans. To my surprise, the hallway was empty. I ran past the classrooms. They were empty too. Then I heard an eerie voice over the intercom say, "Help her." What is happening at the school? Does this character try to find the girl and help her? Who is speaking over the intercom? Are they human or alien or something in between?

#180 - Malika closed her eyes as she savored the last bite of her McDonald's cheeseburger. Her parents were strict vegetarians, so her Uncle Trey occasionally took her to McDonald's and then swore her to secrecy. But her uncle had been missing for four months, and this was her last real meal before leaving town to search for him. Where does Malika go to search for her uncle? What is the significance of this location? How does she get there? What obstacles stand in her way?

#181 - Shad had never seen his mom’s face. He’d never witnessed a sunset. He knew grief and happiness from the sounds people made, not from their expressions. Because he was born without sight, he relied on his other senses, and for the most part they kept him out of trouble. But they hadn’t experienced the Amazon jungle before. What does Shad hear, touch or taste that gets him into trouble? Who is with him on this adventure? What is he hoping to prove?

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