Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #182-185

By Jennifer L. Davidson


Food prompts. What could be better?! These are perfect for family dinners, while chomping on delicious desserts, or crafting your favorite after school snack. Bon appetit!

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#182 - It was staring at him, deep into his soul. If Skylar didn't take a bite of the double bacon cheeseburger, he was going to lose his mind! But he'd get into so much trouble because it wasn't his. And he certainly didn't deserve such an amazing treat after all the trouble he'd caused. Where is Skylar? Whose cheeseburger is it? What trouble did he cause? How does he try to make it right?

#183 - Lena loved the smell of garlic because it reminded her of her grandma's spaghetti, which then reminded her of Italy, a place she wanted to visit more than any other place in the world. Because Lena had a plan. She was going to straighten the Leaning Tower of Pisa. How does Lena get to Italy? What is her plan? Does her plan work, or does she do more harm than good?

#184 - Pizza was the most glorious food on the planet according to Edwin Moxley, 10-year-old pizza eating champion of the Midwest. He could eat 22 slices in an hour, which was a record that no one had come close to beating...until Isabella Wheaten sat down next to him at the Pizza Palace’s pizza eating contest. Describe Isabella. How do Edwin and Isabella compare/contrast? Describe each moment of the contest. Who wins? What's next for them?

#185 - Adeline squirted squeeze cheese on everything she ate: peaches, watermelon, chips, pasta, and even sliced cheese. So when the grocery store ran out, she panicked! She tried ordering it online, but squeeze cheese seemed to have completely disappeared from the planet. What happened to all the squeeze cheese? Does she try to replace it with something else? Does someone contact her with a hidden stash?

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