Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #28-31

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

By Jennifer L. Davidson


Creative writing is great practice for solving life's problems. See how well you can help these characters find their happy ending!

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#28 - Sadikah volunteers to live on a deserted island for a month as part of a research project examining the effects of teens living without technology. She is allowed to bring three items from home. What does she choose? How does she and the dozen other teens spend their days? What's the first thing Sadikah does when she returns home?

#29 - J.D.'s dream of becoming the first 10-year-old genius to go on a space mission to Mars is actually coming true. The scientist who created him at Station 99 invited him, along with five teenagers, to conduct an experiment at the space station. How are these children different from normal children? What is the experiment?

#30 - A portion of the Midwest became covered in over two feet of snow, leaving Mrs. Fieldmouse terrified for her family. She sends the strongest of her brood, Marshall, on a mission to scavenge for food. He puts on a steely grin and scampers through the hole in the wall. But what's waiting for him inside is something he's never seen before. Does Marshall achieve his mission? If not, what stands in his way?

#31 - A mother of three is stressed about the holidays and would love to be granted three wishes to help her out with everything she has on her to-do list. What does she wish for?

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