Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #48-51

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

By Jennifer L. Davidson


The first day of spring came and went and where I sit I still see snow. <sigh> All I can think about is soaking up the sun's rays...in a place anywhere but here. Enjoy these prompts that are set in warm, beachy locations!

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#48 - Max hated the sun. His fair skin was no match for the intensity of it's rays, but his parents planned a beach vacation every summer anyway. This time, though, they invited along his weird cousin, Toby, for Max's entertainment. Max was furious at first, but then Toby shared with him a little secret. What is Toby's secret? How do the boys pass the time while the others enjoy the beach?

#49 - Sabrina lays on her beach towel with her toes dug into the sand, enjoying the quiet before her little brother arrives with his wagonful of sand toys and persistent pleas for her to help him build the biggest sand castle of all time. Her big toe hits something hard and bumpy. She sits up to dig it out and soon realizes its bigger than the seashell she was expecting. Sabrina calls out for her brother to come and help. What do they find? (My mind went to alien artifacts. Where does yours take you?)

#50 - Greta went to the car and dug in her mom's purse looking for a bottle of sunscreen. She knew she wasn't supposed to go in there, but she'd already lost the bottle her mom gave her this morning when they arrived at the beach. Greta pulled out a small vial labeled with a half sun image. It didn't look right, but she lathered it on her forearm anyway. Within seconds her arm disappeared from sight! Does Greta continue using the magic lotion? Does she ask her mom about it or play a trick on her family? Why does the mom have this lotion?

#51 - If your character retreats to a deserted island to hide from an enemy or captors, what five things would you have him/her bring? Are the items necessary for survival, entertainment, or both? How long could he/she survive with these items?

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