Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #44-47

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

By Jennifer L. Davidson


Writing and storytelling can be an escape or a way to problem solve without limitations. It can take you out of reality and launch you into a place where unicorns soar the skies, goblins harbor beneath your feet, and animals speak to you with words. See where your imagination can take you!

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#44 - Ollie the otter loves to glide beneath the surface of the ice and view the world from a different angle. As spring works to diminish his favorite pastime, he must think of other ways to explore. How can Ollie see the world through a different lens? (Suggestion: Maybe he visits a few friends to hear how they see the world from their own unique perspective.)

#45 - Molly woke up from a deep sleep. Much to her surprise, the beautiful fairy fluttering above her head told her that she had been sleeping for almost a year! How does the fairy explain to Molly what happened? What is the first thing Molly wants to do, eat, and play? How does your story change if Molly is a human vs. another fairy?

#46 - Tyler is sick and tired of being stranded with his family. He should have never agreed to climb the mountain without a guide, but with his mom's poor sense of direction and his sister's neverending complaints about her greasy hair. He needs to think of something quick. What does Tyler have in his backpack that might help them? Better yet, what did his mom and sister pack? (Note: They don't have cell service!)

#47 - Ever since Selina lost her parents in a freak boating accident, she's had a reoccurring dream that she's in the middle of a body of water and there is no land in sight. One night she wakes up in the middle of the ocean, or so it seems. How does Selina get out of the water and back to reality?

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