Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #64-67

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

By Jennifer L. Davidson


Since team sports are on hold for the moment, these prompts are all about being active and having fun with your favorite people.

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#64 - Ben was having terrible luck on the baseball field this season. His swing was off, he couldn't pitch a strike to save his life, and his coach sat him on the bench more and more often. He needed to turn his luck around, and as luck would have it, he spotted a fortune teller on his way home after another ugly performance. When his dad was stopped at a traffic light, Ben jumped out of the car and ran inside the dimly lit shop. What happens next?

#65 - Jill and her friends were at a park throwing a frisbee around. She jumped up to grab a high throw at the same time as her friend, Chelsea, and they crashed into each other, both landing sideways on the grass. Chelsea sat up rubbing her head. Jill eventually sat up, but when she did, she didn't know who her friends were. How long does Jill lose her memory? Does it change her friendships? How does she regain her memory?

#66 - Candita didn't like to lose, especially to her older sister, Carla. But Carla was taller, stronger, and could run faster than everyone in their neighborhood, including the boys. Candita needed to find at least one thing she could beat her sister at. What does Candita discover she is better at than her sister? How does she discover it? How does Carla react?

#67 - Mark and his best friend, Oscar, were hiking in the woods when they spied a man going into a small make-shift tent. They'd been in these woods plenty of times and knew enough that people didn't camp here. Mark pulled on Oscar's t-shirt, signaling for him to crouch down beside him. While they waited and watched behind some bushes, the man came out of the tent carrying a huge stack of money. What do the boys do next?

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