Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #80-83

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

By Jennifer L. Davidson


We've had great weather so far this summer, but don't forget to take time to get creative. Whether you're sitting around the table with family or up in a tree with a device or notebook, choose a prompt and use that imagination!

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#80 - Camilla stood in the blazing sun holding on to her triple stack ice cream cone when a little boy ran by and bumped her elbow. She held on tight to the cone, but the ice cream went flying. The boy stopped when she screamed, but he didn't apologize. Why would he since the cone was magically refilled. Was the cone or ice cream magic? What happened when Camilla ate all the ice cream? Did the cone keep refilling?

#81 - Eddy threw his baseball glove in the dirt. His team had lost every game so far this season and tomorrow they were scheduled to play the number one team. He wanted to quit or fake being sick to avoid the embarrassment. But he couldn't do that. He wouldn't do that to his teammates. He'd have to do what he should've done a long time ago: ask his little sister Emma to play. Does Emma save the day? Did Eddy make the right decision?

#82 - Antoine watched the girl wade into the water at his favorite Florida beach. His family rented the same house every year and every year she was there too. He didn't know her name, had never talked to her. It really wasn't until last summer that he even paid much attention to her, but there was something about that bikini and those long braids that he couldn't stop staring. Does Antoine meet this mystery girl? Do they become friends? What becomes of their future?

#83 - Imagine going to your favorite amusement park in the middle of the night and all the rides are working and ready for you to enjoy. You have the best time with a small group of your friends until... What happens to ruin all the fun? OR Who arrives to make the night even better?

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