Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #84-87

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

By Jennifer L. Davidson


With school starting soon, why not tell or write some crazy stories about the first day? This year will be one to remember!

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#84 - Abby walked into her classroom with her best friend Clare at her side, both excited for their first day back after an amazing summer spent in Abby's backyard swimming pool. But when Abby looked behind the teacher's desk, instead of seeing the ever-popular Mr. Pergo, she saw a robot wearing a wig and glasses! If the robot is Mr. Pergo's replacement, how does it greet the students? What happens during the rest of the day? What happened to Mr. Pergo?

#85 - Victor dreaded joining his first-hour English class on the first day of 8th grade. He'd grown a mustache over the summer, and it was spiraling out of control! It didn't matter how often he shaved like his big brother had taught him, his whiskers immediately grew back --- longer and thicker. He didn't know what to do! Why were Victor’s whiskers growing so fast? How did the other students respond when they saw him? How does Victor solve his problem?

#86 - Sufia was feeling anxious about starting 3rd grade. Her anxiety only got worse when her teacher asked everyone to write about their hobbies. Would her classmates laugh if they learned she collected hairballs her cats puked up and made pieces of art from them? How and why did Sufia begin this hobby? What type of art does she create? Do her classmates laugh or are they amazed? Does she become a famous artist?

#87 - The perfect outfit was still at the mall in Genie's favorite store and there was nothing she could do about it. She tried pouting, kissing up, and even promised to do more chores, but her parents wouldn’t budge. What should Genie do to get what she wants? Try creating stories for this prompt for different genres: fantasy, comedy, and horror.

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