Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #88-91

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

By Jennifer L. Davidson


September brings lots of changes: schedules, habits, and weather. All of these prompts deal with the ever-changing weather. One day it's hot, the next cold. Should you wear a tank top or a sweater? Either way, enjoy these last glimpses of summer and settle in for an amazing season of writing!

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#88 - Alexander Small was sitting atop his billowing white cloud overlooking Big Lake when he spotted a canoe with a single brown-skinned boy inside. He worried about the boy because even though it wasn't visible yet, a storm was headed his direction. Alexander's parents had told him about the battle occurring between the black and white clouds, and everyone knew gray clouds created storms. Some were even deadly. Does Alexander warn the boy or try to stop the storm? Is Alexander's plan successful? What happens to the boy in the canoe?

#89 - The leaves crunched beneath Lester's bare feet as he made his way to the Washington shoreline. The pirates told him to meet them at this secret location at midnight. But when Lester reached the edge of the clearing, where the trees met the sand, instead of seeing pirates and a pirate ship, he saw... What did Lester see? What happens next?

#90 - What if sunshine made us sad and tornadoes made us happy? What if we hid in the basement when rainbows formed and sat on our decks during a hailstorm? What other weather "what ifs" can you think of?

#91 - While Tatum was picking apples at the orchard with her family, she was daydreaming about their recent vacation to a tropical island where monkeys swung through the trees and parrots squawked outside her bedroom window. It was such an amazing trip that she was determined to go back. But how? What does Tatum do to raise money to return to the island? Is there a reason besides the beautiful weather that makes her want to go back so badly? Did she leave something or someone behind?

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