Dinnertime Storytelling Prompts #92-95

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

By Jennifer L. Davidson


Fall in Southeast Minnesota is a time for picking apples, raking leaves, and listening to the geese fly overhead as they seek warmer climates. It's also time for you to get your family together and be creative. Tell or write a story. You don't know the fun you're missing!

For more instructions, refer to the Getting Started post.

#92 - It was Saturday morning and Calvin was dreading getting out of bed. His dad was making him rake the leaves. But when Calvin looked out his bedroom window, the leaves were all gone. In fact, he thought he was dreaming because as he watched leaf after leaf drop from the huge maple tree, they disappeared the instant they touched the ground. Why are the leaves disappearing? What happens when Calvin steps on the ground? Who or what is causing this to happen?

#93 - While at the apple orchard with her family, Emma noticed a tree with, "Bryce 's Emma," etched into the trunk. She cringed. She was not interested in Bryce. Bennett was her one true love, even if he didn't know it yet. How does Emma show Bryce she's not interested? How does she get Bennett's attention? Does Emma feel bad for hurting Bryce's feelings? Does she change her mind about which boy is her one true love once she gets to know Bennett?

#94 - Harold the Goose was always getting lost. He often got distracted by bugs, humans, stinky smells, and anything else that piqued his interest. One afternoon, he followed a series of strange prints in the dirt near his pond. They were like nothing he'd ever seen before. When he finally saw what had created the prints, he couldn't believe his eyes. What does Harold see? How does he react? Is Harold in trouble, or does he find something magical or fantastical?

#95 - Fall is considered harvest time, when the plants in our gardens and in farmers' fields are ripe for the picking. If you could choose ANY item to harvest, what would it be? How would you share your bountiful harvest with others? (HINT: The item you choose doesn't have to be a fruit or vegetable. What if you could harvest hot dogs?!?!)

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