"When Can We Do This Again?"

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

By Jennifer L. Davidson


"When can we do this again?" was a question we heard several times as our first Young Writers Workshop came to a close last Saturday. Obviously, it was music to my ears.

The day was amazing! I saw and heard some pretty great stuff from some pretty cool kids. They were in their element, creating stories or pieces of them that they could finish at home. They were surrounded by people just like them, people who thought of far-away lands, had characters for best friends, and who kept their noses in books every chance they got. For this one day, people gathered, not just as students and adults, but as writers, trying to fulfill the same dream: create a story they could be proud of.

Not only do the young writers want to do this again, they told me what they wanted for the next one. So, students, your comments will not go to waste. We will write more, have a more diverse class list, and make good use of every single second together. And, yes, the local authors are more than ready to do this again too.

One day, we will gather again to hone our craft and bathe in the creative energy that walks in the door...which means I have some work to do. But in the mean time, KEEP WRITING. I'll be in touch!

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