Set of 13 Postcards

Send your grandchild a fun postcard each month PLUS one on their birthday! Each 5x7 card includes a holiday or theme-inspired activity that they'll look forward to receiving!


Activities include:

  • Word scramble
  • Valentine's Day craft
  • Fill-in-the-blank limericks
  • Jokes
  • Symbol decoding
  • Step-by-step drawing
  • Frozen treat recipe
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Counting fun
  • Draw your own monster
  • Math decoding
  • Word search
  • Birthday jigsaw puzzle


Great for ages 5 and up. One Forever stamp or one First Class Letter stamp is required. 


My mom gave me the idea to create this set after she purchased something similiar at a farmer's market near Cape Coral, Florida. She sends them to my nieces who are both six, and needless to say, they love getting something addressed to them in the mail. I hope every grandma gets as much joy from these as I did in making them!

Postcards from Grandma