Do you have a young writer in the family? Or how about an imaginative storyteller who is just starting to put words on a page? This spiral-bound notebook containing 40 story starters is perfect for your creative genius to capture their scary, funny, thoughtful, and completely unique stories.


Here are a few examples of what you'll find inside:


  • A girl with a superpower is on a plane that's about to crash. What is her superpower, and how can she stop the plane from killing hundreds of people? she the reason the plane is going down? Is she a hero or a villain?


  • A boy runs into a field about a half mile from his house to continue searching for his runaway dog, Duke. He hears whimpering nearby and runs toward the sound but trips over something in the long grass and falls...into a hole...with Duke. Are they able to get out? Or do they discover others are trapped in there too? If they explore and locate a tunnel, where does it lead?
  • A stranger knocks on Jessica’s front door and offers her two choices: the gift of ten million dollars or the gift of immortality. Which one does she choose and why? How does this choice impact her life?
  • Max hated the sun. His fair skin was no match for the intensity of it's rays, but his parents planned a beach vacation every summer anyway. This time, though, they invited along his weird cousin, Toby, for Max's entertainment. Max was furious at first, but then Toby shared with him a little secret. What is Toby's secret? How do the boys pass the time while the others enjoy the beach?

Story Starters, Book 1