Book 2 in this series contains 40 MORE original story starters aimed at keeping your young writer on the path to becoming a better writer! This spiral-bound notebook is the perfect gift for young writers in grades 3-8.

Do you have a young writer in the family? Or how about an imaginative storyteller who is just starting to put words on a page? Help them explore their creative side!


Here are a few examples of what you'll find inside:


  • Sufia was feeling anxious about starting school. Her anxiety only got worse when her teacher asked everyone to write about their hobbies. Would her classmates laugh if they learned she collected hairballs her cats puked up and turned them into pieces of art? How and why does Sufia begin this hobby? What type of art does she create? Do her classmates laugh, or are they amazed? Does she become a famous artist?


  • Victor dreaded joining his first-hour English class on the first day of 8th grade. He'd grown a mustache over the summer, and it was spiraling out of control! It didn't matter how often he shaved like his big brother had taught him, his whiskers immediately grew back --- longer and thicker. He didn't know what to do! Why are Victor’s whiskers growing so fast? How do the other students respond when they see him? How does Victor solve his problem?
  • What if sunshine made us sad and tornadoes made us happy? What if we hid in the basement when rainbows formed and sat outside on our decks during a hailstorm? What other weather "what ifs" can you think of?
  • Faruq was sure to win class president. Over the past few weeks, he had attended every after-school event, passed out a paycheck's worth of candy to students during lunch, and ignored rude comments made by his opponents. But on the morning of the election, the school doors were locked. No teachers were present. Students wandered around the parking lot confused. Why is the school closed? Where are the teachers? Do the students hold the election anyway? Does Faruq step up as a leader, or is this all part of his plan?

Story Starters, Book 2