It's been a long time since our last workshop (March 14, 2020), so I hope you're as excited as I am about our upcoming Young Writers Workshop for students in grades 6-12! And this time we've teamed up with Gray Duck Theater & Coffeehouse and Garden Party Books to make the day even more amazing. Please join us for a day of creativity and exploration!

February 19, 2022

Here's some feedback from our first Young Writers Workshop:

"I loved it!"

"I really liked the atmosphere."

"I liked 'YOU and a Local Author' best because we had the same interests and like to write the same things."

"The classes and teachers were engaging."

"This was cool!"

"There were so many writers like me!"

"I liked the one on one with an author."

"I liked learning how to publish a book."

"It was fun and I'll definitely write better now."

"The one on one session was best. I now have a better story."

“There were so many writers like me!” 


March 14, 2020

There was no struggle coming together as writers, instead of as adults and students, wanting to improve our craft.

November 2, 2019

Check out what students had to say about our first ever Young Writers Workshop!

Local Authors/Instructors

Jennifer L Davidson

Jennifer L. Davidson 

The Kody Burkoff Mystery Series:

Crossing Carol

Justice for Julia

Missing Maggie

Jennifer L. Davidson is the owner of Rochester Writing Lab. She is also a freelance writer and youth creative writing instructor with a passion for providing opportunities for young writers who want to delve deeper into the literary arts.


She has written three books in the Kody Burkoff Mystery Series. She enjoys writing, reading, and sharing with others all that she’s learned while climbing, crawling, and skipping along the winding, and sometimes treacherous, path to becoming an author.

To learn more about Jennifer, visit Rochester Writing Lab's home page. For on-the-go Story Starter booklets for young writers in grades K-8, visit the shop.

Host your own

Young Writers Workshop

Yes! Rochester Writing Lab will bring the writing workshop to you! We'll supply the Local Authors to instruct, while you supply the eager students to learn. Together we'll have a day of creativity and fun!

Here are a few reasons why hosting might be right for you:

  • You think ALL of your students would enjoy the opportunity to be creative under the instruction of Local Authors

  • You don't want to organize an event like this, much less the transportation to a similar event located out of town

  • You wish you had had more opportunities to write creatively as a child

  • You only have to send one email to get things started

Host your own young writers workshop